We are depending on our All-Star Prayer Warriors.
Please join us in praying for God's help in the following challenges.

Barskoe Gorodische is suffering under the coldest winter in at last 15 years, -20  F. 
The following email arrived today from Director Alex:
"This year it got so cold that pipe which worked for 15 year before got broke. I was praying this morning for God's protection but when I came to school I find out that one pig died becouse of cold. In a storage potato was covered by ice. All staff tryed to use everything they can in order to cover all crops with old matrasses or coats. Normal school day finish in about lunch time. Today I dismiss staff only at 7:00 pm becouse they were busy wraping pipes and potatos and stuff."
1. Since the devil failed to stop God's miracle crop potatoes this summer, he is now attacking them in their underground root cellar.  The staff is working overtime with every resource to save this crop.
Lift them up in prayer!
2. We are praising God for 41 new pairs of boots.  One of our supporters purchased them for the older kids.  The new boots arrived just in time.  About 40 of the younger children have to remain in the dorms due to the lack adequate footwear.  Thanks to all of you, the dorms are warm and cozy.
Pray for warm little bodies!

New Shoes for Everyone!
A kind heart purchased new shoes for the younger children...what a BLESSING!


3. Pray for the Pipes 'n Pigs
Alex uses everything, recycling is an ongoing process.  When the mattresses are no longer useable for sleeping, they become pipe insulation, or potato warmers.  But there is always more need than mattresses, so
pray for the pipes to withstand the freeze.  We are sending money to repair today's broken pipes. 
Last winter the piglets were small enough to crawl in bed with the kids...this winter they are Big Pigs!  We've prayed for potatoes, now we need to
pray for pigs.

Now let's travel to the Republic of Georgia

4. Pray for the Shipping Container of Dental Equipment
The U.S. State Department is funding the freight on this container.  Once again, for reasons unknown to us, they have denied approval for this shipment.  We have a warehouse full of dental and medical equipment waiting to leave.  Is it the devil blocking our path, or God's perfect timing?  We do not know, but we are choosing to believe in God's perfect timing.  When He wants the container in Georgia, it will be in Georgia.  In times past, Greg Jenkins has seen God use Muslim Customs agents, on the far side of Georgia, to facilitate bringing in Christian Sunday School literature, after local customs destroyed the same.  Convoy of Hope is looking for alternate funding.  Pray for a fruitful hunt.
"Coincidently", today we were given 2 exam tables and more supplies.  Maybe God isn't finished packing  this container. 

We thank God for each and everyone of you
as you faithfully petition God for these needs.