Jennifer finds a friend

Koko & Don Shop

Cathy Visits

Bud & Paul catch

TOTH's hairdresser

Dr. Sergey & our first batch of honey

Josh brought a gift

Kind of looks like Dr Joe

Lila won a ton of hearts

Our kids pick their potatoes

Paul has an audience

Flying potatoes

Do they look like prisoners to you?

Koko explains the respirator to Dr Natalia

Paul anoints and prays for a sick child

Billy inspects our new bunk beds for kids

New Ovens for Barskoe

Bible School lesson

Max translates Jessica's demonstration

Bud prays for the boys at Anna Prison

Don washes up

Barbara's favorite thing

Cathy and a Russian potato

Ray meets a new friend

The NEW Freezer

View our the 2003 Team and our playground
we purchased last year for the babies at Dubovka Baby House.

This year's team had an experimental member, our first teenager.  We have yearned to take a group of teens onto the mission field.  Dallas, 14, was our guinea pig.  She worked all year to raise money to pay her way.  See how she did...