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 Because of your faithfulness, we touch their lives in the name of our Heavenly Father.

Vladimir Baby House
When we arrived in Vladimir, we did a “drive-by” at the Vladimir Baby House. Santa made about a 15 minute stop to deliver a beautiful little pram and baby doll. By comparison, they are pretty well funded.

Train Station Kids
One of our favorite “stops” in Vladimir is the “Train Station Kids”. This trip, we learned Katya, the 16 year old girl, had left the home. Having reached her 16th birthday, she wanted to strike out on her own. Of course, this news saddened us greatly. A 16 year old girl doesn’t have a chance on the street. Pray for Katya. Pray the boys will stay. 

One of the house moms got married. That leaves one, Natasha, to raise these two boys. Pray for her. She is a young, beautiful woman who could choose any life she wants. She has chosen the Lord, and to invest her life in children she did not bear. Again, I say, pray for Natasha.

Treasures bought the boys winter clothes, bought food, and paid their rent. A benefactor bought them all new dinnerware…plates, cups, cutlery, and drinking glasses. Money was provided for their Christmas dinner.

The government gives a monthly budget for the kids’ upkeep, but nothing for Natasha. The Vine Church pays her a small pittance, but no longer funds the kids. For some reason, the government gave a large payment. Natasha, thinking it was an increase, bought a small computer for the boys’ educational benefit.

Well, as they say, no good deed goes unpunished.  It turned out not to be an increase, rather, it was a multi month payment. Natasha had used the grocery/rent money for the computer. Her little salary went to feed the boys. She then had to borrow the rent money from the church. But, how would she pay them back?

Donna, Stephanie, and I did a quick huddle. There was enough money in the fund to pay her debt. We had no reservation about whether this was the right thing to do. We know Natasha. We know she is not reckless. She made a well intentioned, innocent mistake. But, as T. D. Jakes says, “If money can solve your problem, you don’t have a problem.” Natasha’s problem is no more. Well, that one, at least.

We all like it when someone helps us in time of need, but when a small gesture on your part brings tears of joy to the eyes of another, well… would you have it any other way?

Did I remember to say, “We need more Natashas”?

Wanting the boys to see what life could be like if they didn’t have a mom to care for them, we brought them with us to Barskoe Gorodische Orphanage. All things considered, they have life pretty good, they could certainly do worse. It’s an important lesson for them to learn.  The boys helped unload the bikes and take them to the party.

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