Born 23/05/2007

At the time of the survey was a mother at home with children and grandfather. she is divorced from the father of the children. At the moment, she is a student and continues to receive education. 

The family lives in a two-room apartment. They occupy a single room, where there is a younger sister, grandmother, grandfather and mother. Sanitary condition of housing is satisfactory. Furnishing modest, old furniture. Children have a separate bed.

Children qualified in kindergarten, but not yet passed the period prevykaniya, are at the hospital and again at kindergarten will go in December. Caring for them has a mother and grandmother. Children are healthy.

According to his mother's family is experiencing financial difficulties. The mother does not work, since continued his studies and take care of young children. According to her family lives on welfare payments and help my grandmother. In turn, for ensuring the grandmother is the youngest daughter, who is also a student.

Father of children at this time does not pay alimony. According to that given survey, we can conclude that the family is currently poor, trapped in a difficult situation because the mother can not yet meet the needs of their families and therefore in need of financial assistance