Born 01.12.2008

The mother, child and grandmother live in the home. The mom is a minor single mother, lives with her parents. At the moment she does not work, caring for a young daughter and goes to school.

The family occupies a room in a three-room apartment, which belongs to the parents. Room comfortable, sanitary condition satisfactory. The child has a separate sleeping place. In this apartment, also lived parents, brother and sister. The apartment has all necessary appliances.

Baby is healthy, turned 1 year. Behind him is proper care. Will apply for a start in kindergarten.

According to my grandmother's family is experiencing financial difficulties, as well as live on social security benefits paid by the State and help from his grandfather, who alone works and provides the whole family. He has two more on the content of the imperfect child. In fact dependent grandfather are 5 people. Grandma can not get a full work schedule, as children in poor health.  Mother does not work, because in school and caring for infants and toddlers.

We can conclude that the family is currently poor, trapped in a difficult situation because the mother can not yet meet the needs of their families and therefore in need of financial assistance.