Born 29/10/2007

The child was in kindergarten. The mother is currently not working, but is in search of work.

The survey revealed that mom is getting a divorce, the father of the child is not paying alimony to his son.

The family lives one-room apartment, which is municipal property. In this area spelled sister, which is currently in custody.

Housing is satisfactory. The child has toys, a separate sleeping place. Made minor repairs, furniture is not new.

According to his mother's family is experiencing financial difficulties. Her own mother died a year ago, which helped financially, and a year ago her husband left the family, mom was left with a small child in her arms, and therefore formed a similar situation. According to her family currently resides in the child allowances and assistance of friends.

We can conclude that the family is currently poor, trapped in a difficult situation because the mother can not yet meet the needs of their families and therefore in need of financial assistance