Born 20.12.2005

The whole family live together. The mom is not working, caring for her husband. In the family there is a situation that her husband had a leg amputated due to illness. At the moment planning to amputated second leg. Mother currently working documents for the registration of disabilities, as well as caring for her husband while he is in hospital.

The survey revealed that the family is part of the house 56m2, which is composed of 3 rooms. The house belongs to the family and has all the necessary communications. It constantly repairs and construction. Sanitary condition of housing is satisfactory, modest furnishings. There necessary furniture.

The baby is healthy, in kindergarten. Dressed cleanly. Behind him is proper care.

According to his mother's family is experiencing financial difficulties. At the moment her father gave 1 group disability. But the benefits have not yet paid. family relatives helped very little. so the family got into a difficult life situation.

We can conclude that the family is currently poor, trapped in a difficult situation because the mother can not yet meet the needs of their families and therefore in need of financial assistance.