Son Shkurin Eugene born 03.05.1990
Veronica N. Kondratieff born 06/11/2008

Living in the house is the mother, son, daughter and grandfather. Svetlana is a single mother for the second child. She is on maternity leave to care for the kid to 1,5 years. The eldest son, an adult, student 3 course VlSU. Trained on a fee basis.

The family lives in a two-bedroom apartment, which is in common ownership between family members. At framed housing subsidy, debts for utilities not. The apartment is also home to the father Kondrateva SN Family takes 1 room. Sanitary condition of the poor, requires redecoration. There are furniture, there is an old computer, TV. Currently, a renovation of the corridor.

The younger child is healthy. Currently 1,1 year. Child is dressed modestly and neatly. Behind him is proper care. The eldest son is healthy, learns. According to his mother, money for training trying to earn himself a free time. Mother also helps with the payment.

According to his mother's family lives on maternity payments, assistance from relatives (father's pension). Also Svetlana works as cleaner informally for 1000 rubles. month, but not enough money for basic needs.

We can conclude that the family is currently poor, trapped in a difficult situation because the mother can not yet meet the needs of their families and therefore in need of financial assistance.